Scientific Research and Artistic Application of the
Natural Harmony Laws of the Microcosm of Music


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Peter Hübner - 108 Hymns of the Dancing Dragon - Hymn No. 1

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108 Hymns of the Dancing Dragon
Hymn No. 1

Soloists, Choirs
Great Philharmonic Orchestra
Great Archaic Orchestra
Great Percussion Orchestra
Electronic Instruments

A Digital Studio Recording Under the Artistic and Technical Direction of the Composer.

RRR 340

Total Playing Time: 74’07”

Since time immemorial, the dragon has been synonymous with the “mind” and symbolizes the cosmic mind, which is also expressed in nature’s cosmic capacity for action.

In this sense, a number of advanced civilizations of high culture have used the dragon as their important or most important symbol. Often the dragon appears in play with the golden ball and then symbolizes the game of consciousness with the Self, or the game of the Self with consciousness.

In this game the dragon always concentrates with the greatest attention on the golden ball, or: the colourful silver-white shining consciousness concentrates on the golden shining Self.

Most of the great thinkers of mankind interpret the Self shining like a sun as the male principle and the consciousness shining like the full moon as the female principle.

The "108 Hymns of the Dancing Dragon" are dedicated to this interplay of the male and the female, of the universal and the cosmic, of the sun and the moon or better: of consciousness and Self.

According to the cosmic laws of harmony of the microcosm of music, the archaic song of voices rises in 108 hymns on the orderly chaos of the archaic orchestra.

These “108 HYMNS OF THE DANCING DRAGON” can serve the active establishment of a natural manifold rhythmic and tonal order of thought. Here lies a great educational potential hidden, to learn to think in a generally natural and orderly way.

He who sings these songs cultivates a natural order of thought. It is very important to keep to the multifaceted rhythmic order of the songs.

The publisher will provide performance material containing the choir parts (on CD) and the corresponding sheet music (printed) on the one hand and the archaic orchestral part in a multi-channel version on the other.

Competitions can then be organised in which school classes, schools or free choirs perform the hymns in mutual competition. Nothing stands in the way of additional free participation by musicians.

Wherever the desire for more natural order arises in society, the “108 HYMNS OF THE DANCING DRAGON” could make a good contribution to the accomplishment of this individual and social task.
108 Hymns of the Dancing Dragon
The greatest experience of rehearsal or performance, in the spirit of the participant, could be the experience of the dancing dragon, that dynamic archetype of great mental-psychological power.

The CDs “Insight” of the “HYMNS OF THE DANCING DRAGON” give an insight into the inner structure of the archaic orchestra music.

It goes without saying that all “108 HYMNS OF THE DANCING DRAGON” are related to each other and can therefore be sung by different choirs at the same time.