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    Classical Composer

    Inventor of the
    Dynamic Space Stereophony®

    Creator of the
    Medical Resonance
    Therapy Music®

    Die Kunst der Fuge

      108 Hymns of the Dancing Dragon
      108 Hymns of the Dancing Dragon – Insight
      Hymns of the Great Stream
      Symphonies of the Great Stream
      Hymns of Fearlessness
      Zen Symphony
      Zen Hymns
      Zen Archaic
      Meditative Archaic Hymns
      The Microcosm of Music

    Dynamic Space Stereophony

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    Zen Symphony
    No. 1

    Soloists, Choirs
    Great Philharmonic Orchestra
    Great Archaic Orchestra
    Great Percussion Orchestra
    Electronic Instruments

    A Digital Studio Recording Under the Artistic and Technical Direction of the Composer.

    RRR 468

    Total Playing Time: 74’05”