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    Classical Composer

    Inventor of the
    Dynamic Space Stereophony®

    Creator of the
    Medical Resonance
    Therapy Music®

    Die Kunst der Fuge

      108 Hymns of the Dancing Dragon
      108 Hymns of the Dancing Dragon – Insight
      Hymns of the Great Stream
      Symphonies of the Great Stream
      Hymns of Fearlessness
      Zen Symphony
      Zen Hymns
      Zen Archaic
      Meditative Archaic Hymns
      The Microcosm of Music

    Dynamic Space Stereophony

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    Peter Hübner speaks on his MEDITATIVE LIFE

    A synthesis of that archaic presentation of the laws of harmony of the microcosm of music, and that more academic European application are particularly demonstrated by the work of the groups “Meditative Life”.

    Here, we are shown the completely natural harmonious archaic dealings of the different groups – in contrast to the “Meditative Aphorisms”, which is all about the presentation of the problematic nature of human generation problems – and / or the cosmic space-time-shift in thinking and in our consciousness.