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    Peter Hübner - Serenade für Grosses Streichorchester - Teil 1
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    Serenade für Grosses Streichorchester
    Teil 1

    besinnlich / contemplative

    PH’s Dynamic String Orchestra
    PH’s Dynamic Philharmonic Orchestra

    Eine digitale Studioeinspielung unter der künstlerischen und technischen Leitung des Komponisten.

    RRR 899

    Total Playing Time: 45’13”

    “The mp3 examples sound extremely well: balance, frequency distribution, stereo field are about as perfect as I ever experienced. The result is impressive, massive but never aggressive... Even in the most densely packed moments, every sound is amazingly detached-but-blended, one can hear every single reverb, flawlessly tailored in content, length and projection, and the placement of the sources remains as subtle as it is precise .... all those features are always there, every second ...
    Impressive technique. Everything I heard in ElectroAcoustics is planets away from this in terms of audio know-how.”

    Dominique Bassal
    internationally renowned sound engineer