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Peter Hübner - Swing – recorded within the context of the production of the two operas “Curse or Blessing: yet” and “Song of Life”.

These Swing compositions are variations and/or different arrangements of a range of themes playing a role in the two operas “Curse or Blessing: yet” and “Song of Life”.

At times, the differences between the variations and/or arrangements are bigger, at times they are smaller – alternatively we find one or another improvisation.
Also highly usual in jazz: various composers or arrangers make different interpretations and/or arrangements, varying in their scale of difference – this was accomplished here by the composer Peter Hübner himself, because he requires this diversity for the different interpretations and presentations of the scenes related to this music.

Thus the individual listener has the advantage of finding, via Swing, early access to these two operas, “Curse or Blessing: yet” and “Song of Life”, specifically where phase transitions are addressed or announced – for this reason we find the term “PHASE TRANSITION” on the CD-covers.

Within the context of the two operas, “Curse or Blessing: yet” and “Song of Life,” the Swing compositions published here present a special musical aspect of these two otherwise typically classical operas, which in terms of content, however, ask also for this aspect, among other things. The majority of the two operas is part of so-called serious music, which, through the merging of swing, pop music and other types of so-called light music, is only reinforced in its seriousness.

But for the moment, all of that is not yet of great importance, because this is about Swing and the attitude towards life it expresses, but it’s also about living the exuberant joie de vivre connected to dance.

In their systematics these SWING-works are also part of the music education system for conductors, musicians, singers, music teachers, music therapists, musicologists, music critics, and sound engineers, and/or sound technicians, as well as for such young people – boys or girls – who look for a suitable music to express their joie de vivre with it and to delight others with it, as we find this in particular with the great jazz musicians.