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Peter Hübner - Hymns of the Domes

“The dome is in architecture what the fairytale is in philosophy – the smallest unit with the greatest diversity. We find the corresponding in nature in the material area with the atom and/or in the microcosm of music with the tone.

The great master builders of domes when building their domes try to apply the laws of harmony of the microcosm of music in their architecture – and/or the Creator’s laws of harmony or the cosmos or nature.

These brilliant master builders had no doubts that harmony with the Creator also includes observing and/or applying his laws of harmony to all areas of life – i.e. also in their own field of activity: in architecture.

The great master builders and/or their clients wanted to support the individual believer in his change of direction towards God by recalling the Creator’s laws of harmony. The “Hymns of the Domes”, which have been created according to these laws of harmony of the Creator, have the same purpose.
The original synonym for “dome” is the “individual human soul”.

“In Gloriam Dei”
Peter Hübner in an
Interview with CLASSIC-Life