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Peter Hübner - Piano Concerts CLASSIC-Life: And the concertos for piano and orchestra – what about those?

PETER HÜBNER: These first two piano concertos also belong – as far as the handling of rhythm is concerned – in the series of the Artistic Pianos.

The first piano concerto is the arrangement of the feminine theme for piano and orchestra, whereby the piano quite simply plays with the orchestra and/or vice versa.

There is no drama involved here, as we are otherwise used to with piano concertos, but in this first piano concerto, the three pianos and the orchestra first of all play music with each other in the context of the development of the feminine theme.

In the second piano concerto, the piano takes additonal liberties of being playful, and so we hear many runs and rhythmical-tonal structures, which in addition to the logic of a different variation of the feminine theme are played by the piano.

The other piano concertos which are not yet available on CD, link the pieces of the 3 Artistic Pianos and/or the 3 Virtuos Pianos with the orchestra, more likely building a bridge to the conventional dramatic piano concertos.