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Peter Hübner - Hymns of the Great Stream CLASSIC-Life: Mr. Hübner, what can you tell us about the symphonies and hymns of the “Great Stream”?

PETER HÜBNER: The “Great Stream” is the archaic synonym for the “Course of the Soul”.

This course which – according to the statements of the great wise people – happens in very great intervals, is the basis of everything that occurs all around as part of evolution: the development of the individual, the development of whole nations, the development of entire galaxies, indeed, the development of entire universes.

Everything external has its inner being. The external is loud, the inner being quiet, the innermost is inaudible, but extremely powerful – like the soul, and, if necessary, omnipotent, like the “Great Soul”.

I have tried to present and clarify these conditions as archaically and musically as possible. The person who listens to the tones, is ruled in his thinking by the tones – up to the knowledge of the great tonal connections in space and time.

And the person who in all this action seeks stillness, at the same time making less and less effort and relaxing more and more, and in the end only simply listens without any inner resistance and analytical show of strength, might advance to that stillness of archaic harmony, which rules the development of the sound in this piece of work.

Peter Hübner - Symphonies of the Great Stream In this cosmic stillness of his consciousness and/or thinking, he might even advance to the fields of his own soul, and perhaps glance briefly into the world of the “Great Soul” – beyond space and time, where everything streams as from a boundless golden source, and enlivens the cosmic stillness of consciousness: animates it.
This person has experienced the “Great Stream”.