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Scientific Application of the Harmony Laws of the Microcosm of Music


RRR 934 Pregnancy & Birth • No. 1

On the basis of objective scientific research and clinical observations, the program “Pregnancy & Birth” designed for women in pregnancy and labor.

A Digital Studio Recording Under the Artistic, Scientific and Technical Direction of the Composer and Musicologist Peter Hübner.

Total Playing Time: 69:38 min.

Peter Hübner - Medical Resonance Therapy Music<sup>®</sup> - RRR 934 Pregnancy & Birth • No. 1
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The Harmony Laws of Nature
in Practical Application

Medical Resonance Therapy Music® is based on three decades of intensive research and developments in the Microcosm of Music.
This new branch of scientific medicine is objectively examined and clinically applied at state universities, research institutions and hospitals and clinics at home and abroad since 1989.

The positive effects of this harmonic holistic information medicine have been proven in many different ways.

Medical Resonance Therapy Music® is not music in the usual sense, and is therefore not used for entertainment, but purely for medical purposes. The beauty of the harmonic music preparations is aimed at the silence and peace of the inner human forces and their longing for natural cosmic harmony.

Far beyond the pleasant enjoyment of music nature’s laws of harmony contained in the fine structures of the Microcosm of Music are of central medical importance, as they alone create the positive health effects.

As was documented on the last major international conference of the World Health Organization (WHO) on STRESS – “Society, Stress and Health” the music preparations of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® have proven to be objectively the most effective and economical preparations for the release of STRESS – 4-8 times as effective for the release of psycho-physiological manifestations of STRESS as a pharmaceutical preparation.

Deshalb zeigen sie auch bei allen STRESS-beeinflußten Krankheiten starke heilunterstützende Wirkungen.

The diversity of medical performance arises from the harmonic holistic conception of the individual preparations of Medical Resonance Therapy Music®.
The patient lets the music preparations concerning him / her take effect, at certain times – sitting or lying down, with closed eyes, most ideally with earphones, avoiding disturbances from outside.

There are:

  • Complete Programs
  • Advanced Programs
  • Basic Programs
  • individual CDs

for every indication which are distinguished by number and order of the music preparations.

The effects of the particular music preparation are achieved by its regular application, and the medical effect is reinforced by the combination with the other music preparations of Micro Music Laboratories® as part of the special listening plan.

Prof. Ilya Prigogine  
Prof. Dr. Ilya Prigogine
from the ULB
Université Libre and Vrije Universiteit in Bruxelles, Belgium, Nobel Laureate for Chemistry and an enthusiastic organ player.

“The influence of music on the brain – and from there on the entire human physiology, mind and psyche – seems to me to be one of the most important research fields of today, since medicine and education are both in urgent need of being able to create harmony in a person in an objective, scientific way.

Therefore I find the efforts of the classical composer and musicologist Peter Hübner – who follows the scientific, mathematical approach practiced by Pythagoras and followed on by Johannes Kepler – most interesting and worthwhile to be promoted from as many sides as possible.”

Please bear in mind

The medical effect
does not depend on
that you like the music

Please bear in mind

The medical effect
does also not depend on
that, from a supposed
specialist’s point of view,
you consider the music
to be of high quality

Please bear in mind

The medical effect
depends alone on the fact,
that the music is structured
in scientific methodology
according to the
cosmic laws of harmony

“Only the scientific
research results count,
which objectively verify
the medical effect
by measurements”

Peter Hübner

The objective scientific
investigations have shown, that
the specialized music knowledge so far
is not applicable to medical music

“The medical effects
are caused by the cosmic laws of harmony,
which conduct and control
the musical work
in its structural development”

Peter Hübner

The so-called expert
is accustomed to assess music
from listening to it

But since the harmony laws
are not audible
this assessment falls into the water

This music does not serve
the purpose of being recognized
by alleged music experts
– its medical value
can only be assessed
through scientific measurements

Only the medical effects
can be evaluated,
namely through objective
medical measurements

Thus, the
Medical Resonance Therapy Music®
does not belong to the conventional field
of understanding the quality of music,
but to the field
of scientific medicine, which itself
is guided by objective measurements

Regarding the evaluation of
medical music and/or
assessing the inaudible
harmony laws via the sense of hearing,
it should be borne in mind,
what two and a half millennia ago
LaoTse left behind
for exactly such a case:

“Who talks, does not know.
Who knows, does not talk.”