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“You, as well as I – in fact, we all have been waiting for this news for a long time. On the horizon of the classical music market a new guiding star is rising. The phono industry, which is no longer able to get rid of its old discs, and will soon not be able to afford new recordings, is breathing a sigh of relief ... cultural history is finally getting an uplift again, for Germany’s new classical composer has arrived: his name is Peter Hübner, he exudes music from all pores, and has recently launched 144 compact discs on the market at one go….

Peter Hübner is not a magically irritating pseudonym for a phantom musician, but the name of an efficient prolific musical writer. He has everything a modern music producer needs: an agency, an electronic studio and a web site on the Internet. This true Telemann of our time was born in 1940 in Erfurt. A bit of a child prodigy, some musical support. At the age of 16, his autobiography states: the encounter with classical music, and the crucial experience, being deeply affected by it. Then he became a composer overnight, and has remained so until this day… over a period of 1200 compact discs.

Hope for the European classical market

By the way, a non-representative survey in record shops confirmed: many have heard of Peter Hübner… Most sales assistants classify him as belonging to the meditation scene, but that is not enough – by all means, for Peter Hübner is Germany’s new classical composer.

Mr Hübner’s production has a lot to do with nature, even if it would be hardly possible without musical electronics. First of all, there is the meditative and music therapeutic side of his products. The appeal for tonality and its salutary powers. Among Hübner’s symphonies there are not only symphonies of the Great Stream, but also eight planetary symphonies from Mars to Neptune.

Hübner’s world is multicultural, and in addition to that interreligious. Therefore his four Christian Passions according to the gospels can be found peacefully side by side with his music on Zenbuddhist meditation, title: Zan.”

( Excerpt )