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“The ‘Moon Symphony’ from Peter Hübner as a cure for headache and insomnia.

Ukrainian scientists were the first worldwide to estimate the value of the Medical Resonance Therapy Music properly. Meanwhile it is established in a number of clinics in Kiev.

A laser CD-player is not necessarily always a toy: This time it is a guarantor for a high quality of life. Therefore I follow the proposal of my host: he invites me to take a seat and make myself comfortable, to relax and not to think of annoying things ...

I put on the headphones – and at once I dissolve in the mighty fullness of a flowing river. The sounds spin around me – majestically, solemnly, soothing. Somehow the music reminds me of a mass. I hear men and women singing, their voices rising to the heights of the cathedral. The digitally produced music is melodical and mild, its smooth melody revolving over and over.

With great interest I listen to the music for about ten minutes, and then I feel ... that I fall asleep. That is a nice mess! With an effort I open my eyes ...

‘You probably tried hard not to fall asleep, right?’, my host asks. ‘Don't feel ashamed for that, that is exactly the effect the music is directed to. This music is for relaxation – for release of psychoemotional stress and for the soothing and relief of pain. It is being applied in foreign countries as well as in several clinics in Kiev. The piece you were listening to was an excerpt from the ‘Moon Symphony’ of the contemporary German composer Peter Hübner.

The German publishing house Aar Edition has produced two compact discs with therapeutical music. All began three years ago here in Kiev, when a contract for scientific cooperation was signed ...’

A therapeutic effect of music is known since long time. Pythagoras, who not only was an important ma­the­ma­ti­cian but also a healing doctor, regarded music as one of the most important medical disciplines that should be obligatory to every prospective doctor.

Great thinkers of the past again and again pointed out to the relationship between the harmony-laws inherent in music and the laws of nature. The well-known astro­no­mer John Kepler explained how much the harmonical system inherent in music agreed with the relationships of the orbits of the planets and their distance to the sun.

It has been verified that there is a doubtless relationship between sound vibrations and undulatory processes in cells of both animals and plants. That is why Peter Hübner’s method carries the name Medical Resonance Therapy Music.

But to rely on the experiences of patients who feel the relieving effect of this music and to evaluate a new method from a scientific view: these are two separate things.

First correct scientific evaluations were achieved by a group of Kiev scientists from two different scientific institutions under the guidance of Professor Alexander Reznikov. He is member of the Academy of Sciences and Chairman of the Faculty of Endocrinology of Re­pro­duc­tion and Adaptation.

During clinical research (where newest techniques were applied) the effects of this music therapy were examined: on pregnant women during labour, on men that took part in the struggle against the Chernobyl nuclear accident, on patients with vegetovascular irregularities and on patients with endocrine diseases.

All patients that listened to the therapeutic music of Peter Hübner showed a change in different levels of hormones in the blood that verified the anti-stress effect of this music. Sleep improved, headache was soothed or it disappeared completely.

On pregnant mothers the modern technique registered an improvement of force and frequency of uterine contraction during labour as well as a soothing, relaxing effect for the child in the mother's body, which could be seen from its heartbeat. Of course the little child cannot hear the sounds of the outside world, but it is the music-listening mother herself who influences her child during birth. Furthermore the mothers that listened to this therapeutical ‘mass’ during labour reported that their pain decreased significantly. And this was not alone their subjective feeling but it was also verified by scientific findings.

Foreign specialists showed interest in these researches. German colleagues gave assistance to Ukrainian scientists in the form of equipment and reagents necessary for a modern, up to date research level. As a result of the works of A. Reznikov and his colleagues the Medical Resonance Therapy Music was introduced into clinical practice.

Understandably some of the readers will shout: ‘Well, no wonder that the author makes this Medical Resonance Therapy Music so popular, in our country we are in urgent need of even the most common medicaments’. What can I answer to that? Certainly this music is no general cure. But it must become an essential element for the rehabilitation of patients with various diseases. Obviously there are nothing but benefits if we can substitute sleeping pills by music.

By the way, such an unconventional treatment is a benefit also to healthy people, as our modern life is a permanent stress to all of us.”

Alexander Reznikov PRAWDA UKRAINE

Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Reznikov