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“... with his ‘natural music’ Peter Hübner invites for a bath in the sounds of the natural universe, asks to let the thoughts or better phantasies go for a walk ...

Natural sounds shall stimulate the body to resonate and swing in harmony...

To recommend the musical medications (of the Medical Resonance Therapy Music of the classical composer Peter Hübner) is not difficult for Professor Köditz from the Center for Pediatry of the University Hospitals Magdeburg.
‘In my work as childrens doctor I must see over and over again how personal disharmony as well as disharmony in the family and in the social community strongly influence the health of the children.’
Conflict in the family and lack of time for each other do not only attack the nerves but also harm the resistance of the body against diseases.

‘Here the Medical Resonance Therapy Music with music of Mr. Hübner provides a welcome help’, says Professor Köditz.
Several medical investigations had already shown that the ‘sound preparations’ effec­tive­ly dissolve stress and tension. They give to the listener – be he or she young or old – the experience of inner harmony. ‘That is the reason why we apply in our hospital the music as an important therapy.’ With the successes the childrens doctor is very satisfied.”

Magdeburger Volksstimme

Peter Hübner Magdeburger Volksstimme