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Report of the DEUTSCHE WELLE about the pre­sen­ta­tion of the Medical Resonance Therapy Music® of the classical composer Peter Hübner on the MEDICA, world’s biggest MEDICAL FAIR FOR DOCTORS’ SURGERY AND HOSPITAL:

“For the first time the importance of music for medicine was the central point of focus on the MEDICA. One of the stands attracted numerous visitors. Here you could listen to CD’s and MC’s with medical music from Peter Hübner. The natural musical talent of this German composer was given to him by God, so to say. When he was a youth, without any musical education, not only could he read the most complicated musical scores but he could also compose symphonies, concerts and operas at his desk without any musical instrument. He looked at a star career but instead he began a world travel through Asia, Africa, north- and south America: in search of ancient musical harmonies.

Peter Hübner is convinced that all processes in human organism can be harmonized with the help of his music and thereby man’s attention is led to nature – the source of harmony – again. Depending on the specific needs of the listener different compositions from Peter Hübner can be applied: for relaxation or release of stress, for activating life force or for improving concentration. Alexander Reznikov, Professor for endocrinology in Kiev has explored the effect of Peter Hübner's music on patients and thereby he observed that not only the well being improves but also headache disappears, sleep disorders vanish; even babies benefit from it during birth – and man becomes happier in general. Please just sit down and simply listen.”

(now follows:)
Medical Resonance Therapy Music®: Relaxation B

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