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“Miracle of the century
the mysterious classic star

The world has never seen anything like this before, let alone heard anything like it:

Piano concertos, cello concertos, violin concertos, bell concertos, ‘Hübner plays Hübner’ on the guitar and the pianoforte, sequences I, II, III, respectively the Sun, Moon, and Star Symphonies. Hymns of the Sun, the Moon, the Winds, all longer than Beethoven’s Ninth.

Eight Hymns of the Planets, eight Symphonies of the Planets, ‘Hymns of the Domes’, ‘Voice of the Domes’, ... 16 times ‘Metamorphoses for Woodwind Players and large String Orchestra’...

The highlight, however, is the ‘Art of the Feminine’, ... in 7 paths of love, and in 7 paths of harmony, each path separated into 16 numbered variations of ‘meditation’....

To all at once throw 144 freshly pressed silver discs onto an ailing classical market is a world record. ... What a creative giant! ... In short: The man is music. ...

The last time anything comparable may have occurred, if at all, was more than 200 years ago. At that time, a boy from Salzburg presented the world with so many trea­sures that Wolfgang Hildesheimer who later became his biographer called him ‘an undeserved gift to mankind’. With Mozart, the poet went into raptures, ‘nature had given birth to a unique work of art that could probably not be repeated.’

Until a short while ago, there was some truth in that: A similar godsend took its time, a second Amadeus was nowhere to be seen. Nobody could guess that in the middle of Germany the son of a Thuringian shoe ma­nu­fac­tu­rer was maturing into the miracle of the century….”

( Excerpt )