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Songs of Mankind

Republic of BelarusOfficial public recognition and registration of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® by the classical composer Peter Hübner as scientific Music Therapy for the Health Service of the Republic of Belarus

Prof. Dr. med. Derek GuptaProf. Dr. med. Derek Gupta
Founder of the Research Laboratory for Diagnostic Endocrinology at the University of Tübingen’s Children Hospital

Prof. Dr. med. Paul J. RoschProf. Dr. med. Paul J. Rosch

Prof. Dr. med. Bjoern NordenstroemProf. Dr. med. Björn Nordenström
Director of Radiology at the Karolinska Institutet, Sweden – Chair of the Committee for the Selection of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Prof. Dr. Ilya PrigogineProf. Dr. Ilya Prigogine
Nobel Laureate for Chemistry, Free University in Brussels, Belgium

5 Fallbeispiele5 cases
to the effects of the Medical Resonance Therapy Music®

Noam SheriffNoam Sheriff
Composer, Conductor, Director Rubin Music Academy at the University of Tel Aviv, Music Professor Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, Music University Cologne, Germany, and Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria

Prof. Dr. Herzl ShmueliProf. Dr. Herzl Shmueli
Chairman, Faculty of Musicology at the University of Tel Aviv

Prof. Dr. Rudolf HaaseProf. Dr. Rudolf Haase
Founder and longtime Director of the Hans-Kayser-Institute for Fundamental Harmonical Research at the University for Music and the Performing Arts Vienna, Austria

Prof. Dr. Zvi RothenbergProf. Dr. Zvi Rothenberg
renowned Violinist, Music Teacher, Founder of the Haifa Symphony Orchestra, for 28 years Director of the Haifa Music Conservatory

Herbert von KarajanHerbert von Karajan
Music Director and Chief Conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and Director of the Salzburg Festival

Mstislav RostropovichMstislav Rostropovich
celebrated by many as the best cellist in the world, many years Music Director of the National Symphony Orchestra in the USA


A Research Project of the Classical Composer & Musicologist Peter Hübner

Classical Music and Veda

According to the greatest thinkers of all times and of all known advanced civilizations of high culture the integrated scientific and artistic use of the Laws of Harmony through the medium of music is the best method to educate and train man in harmony – an extremely important aspect of education, from the kindergartens and schools up to the universities.

Also in Peter Hübner’s project CLASSICAL MUSIC & VEDA this scientific application of the Laws of Harmony plays an important role in the music, which is recorded by orchestras, choirs and soloists, and enables this new classical music, structured according to the Cosmic Laws of Harmony, to hold the Veda, with its own great scientific and artistic potential, high up, like on a golden shield, and to present it in a dignified manner to the world as an authentic, academic education program – under the protection of the objective scientific research results.

By listening to the CLASSICAL MUSIC & VEDA, everyone can get a picture of his own and convince himself of the quality of this scientific and artistic approach to an essential harmonization of the world – individually, socially and environmentally.

German Cultural Senate

“In Classical Music
– in the recognized Highest Music Tradition –
is Holistically an Absolute Novelty
of Unprecedented Quality:
and Technically.”

The German Cultural Senate

Board of Directors of the German Cultural Foundation