about the Classic Composer & Musicologist PETER HÜBNER
and his music creations and musicological works

Noam Sheriff

Noam Sheriff

was for many years director of the Rubin Music Academy at the University of Tel Aviv, music professor at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, the Music University Cologne, Germany, and the Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria. For many years he was also music director of the Israel Symphony Orchestra, the Israel Chamber Orchestra and the Haifa Symphony Orchestra.

Noam Sheriff

publicly acknowledges the achievements of Peter Hübner:

“It is with the greatest pleasure that I recommend to you the creations of Mr. Peter Hübner in the various fields of music:

  • Musical compositions
  • Books
  • The new revolutionary system recently developed for recording music.

Mr. Peter Hübner is a brilliant mind and a great innovator in all fields of music and sound. His searching soul illuminates new aspects and opens new horizons in understanding and experiencing music.

He is a musician, philosopher, poet and innovator in one man. Every assistance which might be given to him will be rewarded in the future as his thinking in the field of sonics is unique.”

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