about the Classic Composer & Musicologist PETER HÜBNER
and his music creations and musicological works

Tel Aviv University

Prof. Dr. Herzl Shmueli

in a letter to Peter Huebner:

“I have studied your wide range of research with great interest and appreciation. I am particularly interested in the continuing developments of Micro Music Laboratories® from which you are creating a scientific basis for inter-disciplinary music research and which extend to all areas of music and various sciences. I am pleased that the areas of emphasis are in music and medicine, music and psychology and music and education.

When I think about your unique musical career and achievements, I am convinced that you are on the verge of raising the understanding of music and of the history of music onto a new level. Your compositions and scientific musical work “Natural Music Creation” and “Natural Music Hearing” and also your study guide of a music faculty of the future particularly impress me. They are unprecedented and open up new dimensions in creating a musical training, which could be pioneering for a revival and expansion of the science of music.

It would be a major coup for the University of Tel Aviv, if, despite your many and varied activities as a composer, author and researcher, you could think about creating a musical training course as a guest professor at our university in the field of interdisciplinary studies.

Prof. Dr. Herzl Shmueli

Prof. Dr. Herzl Shmueli

Chairman, Faculty of Musicology at the UNIVERSITY of TEL AVIV

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