about the Classic Composer & Musicologist PETER HÜBNER
and his music creations and musicological works

Prof. Dr. Björn Nordenström

Prof. Dr. med.
Björn Nordenström

Director of Radiology at the Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
Chair of the Committee for the Selection of the Nobel Prize in Medicine

Karolinska Institute Sweden

Prof. Dr. med. Björn Nordenström

states in a message to Peter Hübner:

“I listen to your Medical Resonance Therapy Music every day (I have the complete set) and would like to suggest that its amazing effects be specially investigated and documented in the light of the bioelectrical system of the human organism – something which I am studying for many years.

I am convinced that from that angle many of your medical music‘s powerful health effects could be better under­stood.”

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