Scientific Application & Artistic Utilization of the
Cosmic Harmony Laws of the Microcosm of Music

Case 2

Report of a Pharmacist

Mr. S. had a stroke and fell into a coma. After regaining consciousness his ability to speak, his will and ability to communicate were at a very low level, and his motor skills were strongly limited. Several months of intensive speech and physical therapy did not yield any meaningful results.

Upon leaving the hospital after 4 months, the prognosis was bleak: For the rest of his life Mr. S. would only be able to move by the help of his wheel chair, would probably never again be able to speak in an understandable manner, and would not be able to establish much contact with his surroundings.

His relatives were not willing to accept this diagnosis so Mr. S. continued in speech and physical therapy after he left the hospital. Still this did not generate much success worthy of mentioning.

A turn came with a neurologist’s advise to add to the logopaedic and physiotherapeutic treatments the treatment with MRT-Music®.

This brought success soon: Mr. S. started to make quick progress in his speech exercises and could speak almost normally again after 2 months. Also his physical therapy was rewarded with more success. After one year of MRT-Music® he could leave the wheel chair and walk alone with a walking aid. A few months later he even learned to swim again.

After two years he was able to again participate in normal conversation.

Today the relatives regret very much not having heard about MRT-Music® earlier and they ask the question: What in the brain would be different if Mr. S. would have been treated with MRT-Music® while in coma?