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Medizinische Universität Minsk Belarus

Prof. Dr. med. G. Gerassimowitch

holder of the professional chair for gynaecology at the Medical University of Minsk, president of the Association of the Gynaecologists of Belarus as well as the medical doctors who performed the investigations and ob­ser­va­tions with the Medical Resonance Therapy Music® under his directorship:

  • Prof. Dr. med. W. Sidorenko
  • Dr. med. A. Kuptschina
  • Dr. med. M. Gawrisch
  • Dr. med. S. Scheleg
  • Dr. med. J. Merkulowa
  • Dr. med. T. Homitschuk
  • Dr. med. T. Teterkina
  • Dr. med. S. Korotkow
  • Dr. med. N. Senowa
  • Dr. med. A. Lyschtschyk

In an official statement they write:

“Our scientific studies have shown to us, that we can apply this natural therapy in many fields for prophylaxis and for healing, respectively for the support of healing.

Due to the flood of health problems of the citizens of our country which resulted and still result every day anew from the nuclear accident of Chernobyl we are happy to welcome the Medical Resonance Therapy Music® to Belorussia as a medical rehabilitation method and as a natural method for generally strengthening health.

The application of the Medical Resonance Therapy Music® is not only free of harming side effects but it is also economically seen advantageous: once cd-players, head­phones and CD’s are on hand nearly no further costs arise.”

Prof. Dr. med. G. Gerassimowitch

Prof. Dr. med.
G. Gerassimowitch

Chair in Gynaecology, Belarusian State Medical University, President of the Belarusian Association for Gynaecology and Obstetrics

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