Peter Hübner


Classical Composer

Inventor of the
Dynamic Space Stereophony®

Creator of the
Medical Resonance
Therapy Music®

WHO World Health OrganizationBest Scientific Preparation against STRESS
as acknowledged on the conference “Society, Stress & Health” of the WHO World Health Organization

Prof. Dr. med. Walentina SidorenkoProf. Dr. med. Walentina Sidorenko
Surgeon and Gynaecologist at the Belarusian State Medical University Minsk, Belarus

Prof. Dr. med. Derek GuptaProf. Dr. med. Derek Gupta
Founder of the Research Laboratory for Diagnostic Endocrinology at the University of Tübingen’s Children Hospital

Prof. Dr. med. Alexander ReznikovProf. Dr. med. Alexander Reznikov
Neuroendocrinologist and Medical Drug Developer, Director of the Laboratory for Neurohormonal Control of Human Reproduction at the Research Laboratory for Neuroendocrinology at the Ukranian Academy of Sciences

Prof. Dr. med. Bjoern NordenstroemProf. Dr. med. Björn Nordenström
Director of Radiology at the Karolinska Institutet, Sweden – Chair of the Committee for the Selection of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Republic of BelarusRecognition and registration of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® by the classical composer Peter Hübner as scientific Music Therapy for the Health Service of the Republic of Belarus

Prof. Dr. Ilya PrigogineProf. Dr. Ilya Prigogine
Nobel Laureate for Chemistry, Free University in Brussels, Belgium

Prof. Dr. med. G. GerassimowitschProf. Dr. med. G. Gerassimowitsch
Chair in Gynaecology, Belarusian State Medical University, President of the Belarusian Association for Gynaecology and Obstetrics

5 Fallbeispiele5 cases
to the effects of the Medical Resonance Therapy Music®

International Medical Experts
on Peter Hübner’s Medical Resonance Therapy Music®


Scientific Application & Artistic Utilization of the
Cosmic Harmony Laws of the Microcosm of Music

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Clinical application of medical resonance therapy music in high-risk pregnancies


Effects of the medical resonance therapy music® on haemodynamic parameter in children with autonomic nervous system disturbances


Effects of the medical resonance therapy music in the complex treatment of epileptic patients


Effects of medical resonance therapy music on patients with psoriasis and neurodermatitis—A pilot study