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About the Classical Composer and Musicologist Peter Hübner &
the Medical Resonance Therapy Music®




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University Heidelberg
Prof. Dr. med. Ingrid Gerhard

Prof. Dr. med. I. Gerhard

Prof. Dr. med.
Ingrid Gerhard

Assessment of Medical Resonance Therapy Music®

Medical Resonance Therapy Music® has already been introduced twice at the “Universitaets-Frauenklinik Heidelberg” (gynaecological hospital of the university) by Mr Huebner and medical colleagues from home and abroad during the course of a lecture on holistic medicine in gynaecology.

Subsequently, I received very positive feedback from women who had obtained this music on favourable outcomes from various illnesses (such as rheumatic pains, heart trouble, headaches, period pains, vomiting during pregnancy etc.). We have results of our own experiences with female patients, who listened to this music post-operatively, or used it in addition to chemotherapy.

The effect was relaxing, spirit lifting, pain-relieving. In the context of cost reduction, further use in our clinic has been planned. In its positive effects, Medical Resonance Therapy Music® is absolutely comparable to medicine, and side-effects have so far not been observed.

Prof. Dr. Ingrid Gerhard
Consultant of Ward 4.2

With kind permission of AAR EDITION INTERNATIONAL

Subject to change in the interests of scientific advancement.