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Scientific Research of the Cosmic Harmony Laws of the Microcosm of Music

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Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Reznikov
Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Reznikov

Member of the Academy of Science of the Ukraine as well as of the Academy of Science of New York is one of the leading hormone researchers of the former Soviet-Union.
Since two decades he is the head of the laboratory for neurohormonal control of reproduction at the famous research Institute for neuroendocrinology in Kiew. This Institute is also research partner of the World Health Organisation (WHO).
Professor Dr. Reznikov is author of several scientific books and a successful developer of drugs against cancer which yielded many high scientific awards and gave him an international reputation. He is also a visiting professor at the University of Dallas in the United States and the University of Toronto in Canada.

“A new kind of medical drug,
a mathematical, digital pharmaceutical
with a powerful effect of
harmonizing physiological processes.”

     “The interesting thing with Peter Huebner’s Medical Resonance Therapy Music was that the results did not depend on the taste of the investigated persons. Even if they did not like the music the testable reactions of the body were nevertheless positive. A fact which confirms that this music reinforces the natural health improving processes in man by the way of resonance.”

Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Reznikov

Micro Music Laboratories

So far there are five generations of Medical Resonance Therapy Music®

In every new research & development generation of this Medical Resonance Therapy Music®, the harmony laws find an ever-stronger consideration and become increasingly con­cen­tra­ted as harmony forces.

Please note:

The medical effect
does not depend on
that you like the music

The medical effect
does also not depend on
that, from a supposed
specialist’s point of view,
you consider the music
to be of high quality

The medical effect
depends alone on the fact,
that the music is structured
in scientific methodology
according to the
cosmic laws of harmony

Only the scientific
research results count,
which objectively verify
the medical effect
by measurements

The objective scientific
investigations have shown, that
the specialized music knowledge so far
is not applicable to medical music

The medical effects
are caused by the cosmic laws of harmony,
which conduct and control the musical work
in its structural development

The so-called expert
is accustomed to assess music
from listening to it

But since the harmony laws
are not audible
this assessment falls into the water

This music does not serve
the purpose of being recognized
by alleged music experts,
its medical value
can only be assessed
through scientific measurements

Only the medical effects
can be evaluated,
namely through objective
medical measurements

Thus, the Medical Resonance Therapy Music
does not belong
to the conventional field of
understanding the quality of music,
but to the field
of scientific medicine,
which itself is guided
by objective measurements