Signs of Time
Signs of Time
Avant Garde

Archaic Singers
Great Philharmonic Orchestra
Great Percussion Orchestra
Archaic & Electronic Instruments

A Digital Studio Recording Under the Artistic and Technical Direction of the Composer.

RRR 243

total playing time: 69’49”
label: Dissonance in Excellence

“The state with its functionary and clique system can only give a mediocre performance, and in the economy this becomes very quickly apparent.

But we have the same case in classical German music: every position that is strategically important is filled with national institutions, the people employed there are paid by the state, and so in the end the state decides on the absurd examination regulations and standards as to what classical music is and/or should be.

A load of eunuchs cannot father a child, everybody knows that– that is what one would think, anyway. A normal man can father many children.

But the musical experts who are financed by the state do not want to admit that the same applies to art, and music in particular– that the mediocre, the common cannot produce the exceptional– the reason probably being their own payment.

The music institutions established by the state, be it educational institutions or some sort of supposedly supportive institutions are based in their function on artistic mediocrity. No artist who is really inspired– whether he is a composer or an interpreter– would sell himself to be employed as a professor by the state.”

World Music Forum – The scaffolding scene of the German musical world and the restoration of natural order in German musical life

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