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biggest Classical Music Producer
Peter Hübner


Classique Compositeur

Inventor of the
Dynamic Space Stereophony®

Creator of the
Medical Resonance
Therapy Music®

Die Kunst der Fuge

Dynamic Space Stereophony

Cello Concert
No. 1

in 4 Movements Cello Solo & Great Celli Orchestra

A Digital Studio Recording Under the Artistic and Technical Direction of the Composer.

RRR 128

Temps de jeu total: 60’25”

CLASSIC-LIFE: Mr. Hübner, there are different recordings of great cello orchestras. Such an orchestra set-up is absolutely unusual.

PETER HÜBNER: Yes – you could say that. In cello concerto No. 1, the cello solo is accompanied by a very large cello orchestra, which is about the size of a large philharmonic orchestra.

But this extravagance is worthwhile, in my opinion, as the special sound character of the cello, and its personal expression, are thus supported by many of its kind.
Otherwise, you never have the opportunity to hear such a large cello orchestra – here you have it.

The same applies to the two other pieces of work, The Great Celli Orchestra No.1 and No. 2. It is astonishing what richness of sound the celli are able to produce in almost the entire range of hearing. I shall continue to extend this series.

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Peter Hübner - No. 1
Peter Hübner - Celli Orchestra No. 1
Peter Hübner - Celli Orchestra No. 2