Scientifically based activation of the self-healing powers

Kunst / Wissenschaft

Kunst / Wissenschaft

Kunst / Wissenschaft

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There is again a good opportunity to further build up your CD program!

For a long time we have been following the concept of offering larger quantities of CDs at a lower price from time to time.

As we register with pleasure, many people in many parts of the world regularly listen to music structured according to the laws of harmony:

“A new kind of medicine,
a mathematical, digital pharmaceutical
with a powerful effect,
to harmonize physiological processes.” Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Reznikov
Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Reznikov is member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Academy of Sciences of New York, Head of the Laboratory for Neurohormonal Control of Reproduction at the famous Research Institute for Neuroendocrinology in Kiev, Ukraine, Research Partner Institution of the World Health Organization (WHO), and Visiting Professor at the University of Dallas, Texas and Toronto, Canada – one of the leading hormone researchers and successful drug developers of the CIS, the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The Cosmic Harmony Laws – Nature‘s Health Center

Sooner or later, the targeted, systematic, holistic, scientific activation of the self-healing powers is left to counteract the proliferation and outgrowth of ever new disease patterns.

Here, so far, only the Cosmic Harmony Laws have proven themselves in scientific medicine and their scientific application through sound.

This is a future-oriented medical concept – it is not new, but ancient, but so far only the great physicians of the world and the high cultures could deal with it.

Due to the great scientific-technical developments in our time, now, for the first time in the known history of mankind, everyone has the opportunity to make acquaintance and friendship with health in a holistic way.

The laws of harmony work the miracle of the entire universe – they keep everything in the entire cosmos together and in harmonious motion, from the course of the stars to our individual well-being: physical, psychological, in all organs and holistically.

When it comes to our health, there is no way around these Cosmic Laws of Harmony – as indeed everywhere in Creation.
As well as deviations from these harmony laws would throw our earth in its course around the sun from the course and would abandon it to the destruction and would destroy us all, so it would happen accordingly also with our health and our life, if our neurophysiological processes would deviate from the harmony laws.

But in our today‘s time and due to the existing extraordinary STRESS-burdens – chemistry / environmental pollution / misbehavior, etc., etc. – meanwhile these our neurophysiological processes urgently need a qualified orientation and support through the targeted and systematic activation of the Laws of Harmony.

With best wishes
Your dynamic Health Promotion Team

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