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  • Peter Huebner
    Peter Hübner
    For about 50 years, the classical composer and musicologist Peter Hübner focuses in his Micro Music Laboratories® on the scientific investigation and utilization of the harmony laws of the microcosm of music.

    In 19 indications, the effects of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® have been extensively objectively verified and the scientific application of the harmony laws of the microcosm of music have been recognized as a scientific methodology to convert the aspect of disease with the help of the harmony laws into the aspect of health.
    This was made possible by the natural and universal effect of the laws of harmony.

    Prof. Dr. med. Gunther Hildebrandt
    Prof. Dr. med. Gunther Hildebrandt

    is one of the fathers of chronomedicine and is recognised world-wide as a leading medical authority in the field of
    • chronobiology
    • balneology
    • medical climatotherapy
    • physical medicine

    He founded the European Society for Chronobiology and, for many years, was vicepresident of the International Society for Chronobiology.

    He also founded the L.R. Grote Institute for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation in Bad Berleburg and the Institute for Research into Remedial Medicine in Bad Wildungen.

    At the University of Marburg – until becoming emeritus professor – he was director of the Institute for Occupational Physiology and Rehabilitation Research.
    These are the same laws of harmony, which according to Pythagoras determine the course of the stars – what the famous astronomer Johannes Kepler was able to verify objectively and thus raised astronomy to an objective science; and they are the same laws of harmony that control the neurophysiological functions of living beings – what chronomedicine (the well-known Professor Dr. med. Gunther Hildebrandt) was able to prove.

    When this natural function of the laws of harmony in the organism decreases, the person becomes ill – the same is true for the animal and the plant. And if the laws of harmony are strengthened in the organism, then humans, animals and plants become healthier.

    Our lives and the very existence of the cosmos without the practical application of the laws of harmony, as we find them in the microcosm of music, is impossible and inconceivable.

    Therefore Medical Resonance Therapy Music®, with its scientific application of the harmony laws of the microcosm of music, does not only aim at strengthening health, but in particular also at a basic activation of the cosmic laws of harmony in thought and feeling – a creative cognitive process, which, for the benefit of all, is essential for the growth of harmony in the human world and the world influenced by man.

    According to the greatest thinkers of all times and of all known advanced civilizations of high culture the integrated scientific and artistic use of the laws of harmony through the medium of music is the best method to educate and train man in harmony – an extremely important aspect of education and upbringing, which is neglected and ignored today in the kindergartens, schools and universities.

    By listening to it, everyone can get a picture of his own and convince himself of the quality of this scientific and artistic approach for an essential harmonization of the world – individually, socially and environmentally.

    Cosmic Symphonies
    In classical music – acknowledged to be the highest music tradition – this project is holistically an absolute novelty of unprecedented far-reaching implications: artistically, scientifically and technically.

    Areas where the scientific application and artistic use of the harmony laws of the microcosm of music will gain more and more importance in future:

    • Medicine / Health
    • Education / Upbringing
    • Music / Benefits and Harms of Music in Society
    • Harmony
    • STRESS

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