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Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Dutz

in a letter to Peter Huebner:

“I much welcome your initiative, together with that of the health insurance companies, to make the medical prescription of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® practicable.

My experiences during the past two years with the purposeful use of Resonance Therapy for insomnia and hypertension are, without exception, favourable.

In our stressful civilisation, coping with stress in a natural way is too often replaced by taking tablets. As a nephrologist, I am aware of the dangers of analgesic and soporific drug abuse – a number of my dialysis patients suffer from kidney inefficiency due to drug abuse, a fate I would want to spare as many people as possible. So, if a prescription of Resonance Therapy can be enforced, many doctors will be happy to no longer require pharmaceutics for the mentioned indications.”

Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Dutz

Prof. Dr. med.
Wolfgang Dutz

is one of the leading nephrologist of former East Germany. After his time at the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University Greifswald, Germany, where he introduced many innovations, he was head of internal medicine at different hospitals in Germany.