about the Classic Composer & Musicologist PETER HÜBNER
and his music creations and musicological works

Vladimir Ashkenazy

In a public recommendation for Peter Huebner’s activity he writes:

“I fully support Peter Huebner’s scientific approach to explore the natural relationship between music and human health and behaviour: three decades of work which finally found its expression in his Medical Resonance Therapy Music®.

Music plays a very important role in our life – whether or not we are aware of it. And different types and structures of music can have a highly negative or beneficial effect – not only on the psyche of an individual but on a whole spectrum of a psychological and emotional climate of our society.

I hope that all those who want to contribute to a natural state of harmony – individually and socially – will focus on Peter Huebner’s scientific work and the achievements of his Medical Resonance Therapy Music® and become aware of their tremendous importance.”

Vladimir Ashkenazy

Vladimir Ashkenazy

is one of the best pianists of our time, Principal Conductor and Artistic Adviser: Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Conductor Laureate: NHK Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo, Philharmonia Orchestra, London, Iceland Symphony Orchestra, Music Director: European Union Youth Orchestra.

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