about the Classic Composer & Musicologist PETER HÜBNER
and his music creations and musicological works

Stanley Sperber

in a letter to the composer Peter Huebner:

“It was great pleasure to meet with you and to have the opportunity to speak together as well as listen to excerpts from your symphonies.

The music intrigued me, especially your unique manner of combining orchestral and vocal forces into one organic entity.

As Music Director of the Haifa Symphony Orchestra as well as the National Choir of Israel – Rinat – I would like to express my interest in the possibility of performing and recording one of your three symphonies with the above mentioned orchestra and choir.

My heartiest congratulations on your formidable musical accomplishments.”

Stanley Sperber

Stanley Sperber

for many years music director and chief conductor of the Haifa Symphony Orchestra, is now its conductor laureate. Mr. Sperber has toured extensively in Europe and North America and has been conducting orchestras in many parts of the world. Maestro Sperber was recognized with awards such as the Order of Merit from the Israeli Composers Association (1987) and the National Council for the Arts and Culture Prize (1992).