about the Classic Composer & Musicologist PETER HÜBNER
and his music creations and musicological works

Prof. Dr. med. Gunther Hildebrandt

in a personal meeting with Peter Hübner:

“In my research with respect to the human organism as ‘music physiology’ I could document in many ways how harmony laws that direct the sound from inside, also determine the healthy coexistence of diverse physical processes in the human body.
This is particularly evident when the organism recovers and heals itself.”

Prof. Dr. Gunther Hildebrandt is the first researcher in the modern scientific age to objectively verify the old state­ment of the world-famous Pythagoras that the physiology is functioning according to the harmony laws of the microcosm of music: the central rulers of natural law — one of the greatest medical findings of our time.

Please see his world-famous revolutionary study.

Prof. Dr. med. Gunther Hildebrandt

Prof. Dr. med.
Gunther Hildebrandt

professor of medicine at the University of Marburg, Germany and at the same time also an avid classical musician and painter. He is one of the fathers of chrono-medicine and founded the European Society for Chronobiology; at the same time he was for many years Vice-President of the In­ter­na­tio­nal Society for Chronobiology. At the University of Marburg, he founded the Institute for Rehabilitation Research and was its director until his retirement. Like the famous European physician Paracelsus he directs his scientific interest particularly on the “Inner Physician” – on the innate self-healing powers in the human organism. For him, a therapy is only natural, if it is able to revitalize inner self-healing powers. To the scientifically oriented naturopathic physicians around the world, he is a highly respected authority in the field of natural medicine.