Scientific Research and Artistic Application of the
Natural Harmony Laws of the Microcosm of Music

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biggest classical music producer
Peter Hübner


Classical Composer

Inventor of the
Dynamic Space Stereophony®

Creator of the
Medical Resonance
Therapy Music®

Die Kunst der Fuge

Dynamic Space Stereophony

Peter Hübner - PETER HÜBNER ETHIC PROGRAMS - Cosmic Free Will
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Cosmic Free Will


Under the direction of the composer
Philharmonic Orchestras, Choirs and Soloists

Total Playing Time: 25:21

Prof. Dr. Zvi Rothenberg

Prof. Dr.
Zvi Rothenberg

renowned violinist, music teacher, founder of the HAIFA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA, for 28 years DIRECTOR of the HAIFA MUSIC CONSERVATORY, certainly one of the most important music therapists of Israel

Prof. Dr. Zvi Rothenberg

gives his opinion of Peter Huebner’s music:

“This music is the answer to the decadence of our time.

This is true music, music from the source, compositions of the quality of Bach, Vivaldi and Corelli.”

In a letter to Richard Shifter, Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor of the American government, Prof. Rothenberg writes:

Dear Richard,

It is a long time since I was gratified to receive your letter and meet you here.

Since then I heard and read about your appointment and political activities. I am very proud to have had you as a pupil in music – when you still were a child. It was my fault that we did not maintain our contact throughout the years.

The purpose of this my letter is a specific one: I have met these days an outstanding German composer and writer on the philosophy of music – Mr. Peter Hübner, whose compositions and way of thinking about music will no doubt have a profound influence on the relationship between art and society. I know that what I say here sound bombastic – but I believe that – exactly as we now experience a revolution in political thinking the time is now ripe for a revolution in matters concerning values, culture and education.

I beg you to find time to meet this outstanding man. It is of utmost importance for you who are concerned with human rights to listen to the voice of this man whose voice is the voice of the future.

Mr. Hübner is now starting here in Ashkelon – at a special school where I am working as a voluntary music therapist of a special kind – a research program with the intention to use the therapeutic effect of his music on handicapped children.


Very sincerely yours

Zvi (Henio) Rothenberg

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Peter Hübner - Cosmic Free Will
Cosmic Free Will