Political Bedtime Prayer
Political Bedtime Prayer
Avant Garde

Archaic Singers
Great Philharmonic Orchestra
Great Percussion Orchestra
Archaic & Electronic Instruments

A Digital Studio Recording Under the Artistic and Technical Direction of the Composer.

RRR 242

total playing time: 70’02”
label: Dissonance in Excellence

“At least natural intelligence does not do it – also not, when it suits us, but only when it suits natural intelligence. For this reason Mr. Ignorant from his so-called civilised world with its three major states of consciousness has to take the initiative himself – and be he even Prof. Dr. Dr. – and, to begin with, break through the thick rock wall of deep sleep himself, in order to advance to natural intelligence.

He cannot shy away from doing this. But internationally there are a whole lot of offers for learning this, and they reach from the offer, which is not able to achieve anything at all, via the offer, that supposedly needs millennia for it, to the offer, which shall be able to accomplish it in a few minutes, perhaps also 20 minutes or an hour.

Therefore it is worthwhile to look through here very assiduously, and I can also only recommend for making use of the research results of objective science – especially of medicine – in regard to the quality of the diverse offers, because here the diverse suppliers differ drastically in opinion and objectively achieved results.

As I already have explained before: when natural intelligence restructures our thinking by the help of the harmony laws of nature it always brings about an equivalent restructuring on the level of our neurophysiology, too: a strengthened natural regeneration – even if it is less intensive here. This happens through the close connection of our thinking with our neurophysiological processes and can today be verified by objective science with the help of modern medical research methods.

Modern medicine at the important universities of the world is busy with this already since 1968, and I myself was lucky to know the American researcher personally who made the first studies at the university of California in connection with breaking through deep sleep – and who thereupon as first scientists of our modern time had postulated a fourth major state of consciousness, which clearly distinctions from the first three major states of consciousness – waking, dreaming and sleep state of consciousness – in its medical effects and in its performance in the field of regeneration.”

German Education Forum – The German Slave Market

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